5 Benefits of Writing It Down

Posted on Jul 12, 2017

Writing is one of the first skills we learn at school. We learn to write our name, we learn the merits of good handwriting and good grammar. We learn to express ourselves and to organise our thoughts on the page, such that they communicate a message or meaning that makes sense, to ourselves and others.

This is not as easy as it sounds. It takes practice. We are not all born 'gifted' writers, however we can all write.

Even if we only write a shopping list it is great to get into the habit of writing, as the act of writing itself has huge benefits.

1) It organises our thoughts. We don't all think alike. Our thoughts vary with the time of day, and the circumstances of our lives. Having a habit of writing our thoughts down every day will get them out of our minds where they may be cluttering up the space. We can either leave them safely on the paper, to be dealt with on another day, or we can take actions on what we have written. This is the value of writing in a diary - there is only so much we can do in a day! In our busy lives we must schedule our time.

2) We can locate our thoughts in the past, present or future tense. We can see clearly what are past memories, present experiences and future hopes, dreams or fears. There is nothing that can be done about the past except remembered, interpreted and recorded. All of our relationships, experiences, circumstances and actions are happening in the present. When writing, we are writing in the present. When we are inspired, we can see the future. By writing it down, this is the first step to creating the future we desire. Keeping your favourite inspiration and motivation quotes near to hand (for example by having your own copy of the Get Up and Go diary) will keep you inspired and motivated, even when you feel down.

3) By journaling daily we can get present to the life we are actually living, with the health we have, the body we have, the friends we have, the home we have, the job we have, the opportunities we have, the choices we have, the responsibilities we have, the dreams we have, the past we have. This is an opportunity to we express gratitude, (or otherwise!) However, how we got here is immaterial. Here is where we are and there is no going back to start again. We can only go forward from here and and we can create a new 'ending'. You can start by buying your Get Up and Go diary for next year and focus on the future you want.

4) We can dream. We do not need to limit ourselves to a shopping list for the week ahead - we can make a 'bucket list' of everything we want to do, or have, or be in our lives. We can then make more detailed plans as to how everything can be worked out - when we see the steps on paper it becomes really clear how easy it is to achieve what want to achieve. The hardest part is writing it down, step by step. Yes, it may take time, yes it may require effort or new actions. Yes it may require discipline or perseverance or courage or confidence or self belief or support to execute it, but yes, there it is in black and white, it is possible! You can even plan your next holiday with the Get Up and Go Travel Journal and schedule the dates in your diary.

5) Writing makes it real. It is the first step in putting an intangible thought into the reality of a word on a page. It now exists in black and white. It is the first step in bringing an idea to life. You can see it. Someone else can read it. Have you the courage to share your words with the world? With another person? What if they are rejected? ridiculed? criticised? What if we don’t like it ourselves! That's a risk we all take. The beauty of writing is that it is personal, and it is private until we choose to make it public. Setting your thoughts free into the world, as words, can inspire action that makes a difference in the world. If they are positive they can only serve ourselves and others for good. If they are negative, its best they get out of your head anyway. Keeping negative thoughts in our heads is self harming and self defeating, a recipe for confusion and overwhelm, and sometimes disaster. Thoughts and words can be changed. The pen is indeed mightier than the sword.

Q. What could you write today that might enhance the memory of yesterday and make a difference to your view of tomorrow?

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