5 Reasons To Come To Sligo

Posted on Apr 06, 2017

Sligo is a small county in the Northwest corner of Ireland. No, it is not Donegal, nor Galway, nor Kerry and, no, it is definitely not Dublin; but it is here, it is special, it is beautiful, and it is well worth your time and effort to get here.


That's what you need to discover for yourself.

In fact, have you often noticed that the more effort you have to put into getting somewhere or doing something the more rewarding it turns out to be.

It seems like Sligo has been lacking in confidence and reluctant to expose itself to the judgemental eyes of its flashier, or more ostentatious, neighbours. It's only in recent years, perhaps since it has been discovered by surfers from overseas, that it is now accepting itself and willing to come out of hiding and share its gifts with the wider world.

We must thank the surfers for newly discovering this tiny county and showcasing it to the modern world. Do the surfers travel the world looking for the easy waves - or do they seek out the most exciting, challenging and sporting waves to ride .... such that they become better and more skilled surfers?

'A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor'

5 reasons to come to Sligo

1) Sligo inspired WB Yeats to write some of the most beautiful poetry in the english language. Sligo, its landscape and its people, continues to inspire artists, writers and poets. Countless people visit Sligo every year to study the writings of WBYeats but what about the magical land that inspired him that we all have access to?

2) Michael Coleman of Gurteen South Sligo, was inspired to compose some of the most exciting Irish traditional music ever written. Sligo has a wealth of musical talent and a musical culture that is not surpassed anywhere. If you have not yet experience 'the Fleadh' ..... you are missing out!

3) Leonard Cohen was inspired to deliver the most magical performance at Lissadell in 2014. When I travelled in Java some years ago I sat chatting with a young man while waiting for a bus. He asked me where I was from. I said Ireland. He beamed as he said Aha.... WESTLIFE!!

4) Knocknarea inspired travellers and pilgrims from all over western Europe to converge on this sacred site in Neolithic times. The entire county is littered with ancient burial sites from these ancient times and the spirit of our ancestors has been lost in the mists of time..or is it still here?

5) Sligo's waves have inspired surfers from around the world to rise to new challenges, and ride bigger and bigger waves. In life, challenges too, come in waves and maybe we should all learn to surf. We all need to invest in our own surfboard.

What is inspiration? What inspires you? What is the spirit in you that wants to be set free? Is it to write, to sing, to dance, to make music, to create art, to heal, to befriend, to build, to laugh, to enjoy? The spirit of being alive.

Where is this inspiration? It is all around us, and within us. We are often too busy and distracted by the demands of daily life to connect with it.

How do we get to the source of Inspiration? We need to be in an environment where we can listen to our heart, to connect with the spirit of our ancestors, with the spirit of what we love, with the spirit of the landscape that formed us. We cannot truly connect with our spirit in a city. Cities will eat up our time and energy, and destroy our soul. We need to replenish our souls where we can experience the wonder of nature, the sunrise on the mountain, the sunset on the ocean, the wind in the trees, the rain on the wind, the silence in the valley, the moon on the lake. Without taking this time to reflect, replenish, renew, and restore ourselves to ourselves we may get lost in the daily grind of existence, missing out on the true joy of living.

Sligo is my Inspiration Destination. Hazelwood, Lough Gill, The Lake Isle of Inisfree, Glencar Waterfall, Ben Bulben mountain, Dooney Rock, Ballintrillick, Oyster Island, Strandhill.

Sligo is but one county in Ireland. The Island of Ireland s blessed with 32 counties, each of which has the resources to source us - if we look.

Look around your own county and find 5 reasons to visit. There will be plenty more.

Look at your own country and discover for yourself 5 reasons to be proud of the spirit of Ireland that we have brought to the world.

It might be a 'spirit' drink - Whiskey - the Uisce Beatha - the Water of Life. Water is spirit energy. We are an island people; we are surrounded by water, we are nurtured by spirit energy - the spirit of our community.

It might be the spirit of generosity - we love to share, the craic, the Meitheal, the laughs.

It might be the spirit of music, of song, of dance, of storytelling, of community - a love of life.

It might be the spirit of learning and literature - we were once renowned as the Island of Saints and Scholars. Ireland once 'Saved Civilisation'!

It might be the spirit of peace keeping.

Come to Sligo, Ireland. Connect with your Spirit. Discover your Passion. Define your purpose.

"Come away oh human child!

to the waters and the wild,

with a faery hand in hand,

for the world's more full of weeping than you can understand"

(The Stolen Child by WBYeats (1889))

Get Up and go with Passion and Purpose takes place april 21/22 Knocknarea Arena. See www.getupandgoevents.com for details.

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