Emily and me.

Posted on Mar 22, 2017

I am delighted to be welcoming Emily Gowor to Ireland for the first time, to speak at Get Up and Go with Passion and Purpose in Sligo.

I first came across Emily a few years ago when I entered a competition to have a book published. I enter competitions intermittently and it just so happened that not long before this opportunity arose, I had promised someone that I would write a book. I had no idea what the book would be about, it was just something I had never done, and so, in response to her challenge, I had said I would do it.

The competition required me to submit 40,000 words and I had less than 10 days to do it! I gave it a shot and, lo and behold, I won second prize in a mentoring and publishing package, and some weeks later, had my first Skype conversation with Emily, founder of Gower International Publishing, Brisbane, Australia.

After a very short dialogue, I realised how passionate Emily was that I discover the book that was 'within me', and that her sole purpose was to help me get that 'out' and bring my 'message' to the world. I realised that I perhaps hadn't put sufficient thought or preparation into the manuscript I had sent her, and so, with Emily's prompting, I went back to 'the drawing board'.

I was busy writing late one night, in bed, when the phone rang downstairs. It was an unusual ring. Strangely the phone by my bedside had not rung. I went downstairs thinking it was the utility room phone. It wasn't. It had stopped ringing and I went back to bed, vaguely uneasy, and continued writing. I was writing about my mother. She was now in a nursing home and was very frail. I had just been to visit her the day before and I had brought her a photograph album that I had complied as a gift for her sister's 90th birthday. There were photographs of mum and her two sisters, from the age of three right up to last week, on her 89th birthday, and everything in between; babies, holidays, first holy communions, family birthday parties, graduations, weddings, trips abroad, and of Garry, her husband of 47 years, her best friend, my dad, who had died in 1997 ... a life in pictures! After I had closed the Album she looked at me calmly and said "I think I would like to die now, and go to heaven". Wow! I hadn't expected that reaction. However, I understood that she what she saw in the Album was the story of her life, now complete, her job done, she was tired and Garry was waiting for her. "Well" I said quietly, Of course we would rather you stay here with us, but if you really want to go, we won't stop you". She smiled sweetly, gratefully(?) as if relieved of a burden. Was she looking for my permission? She was actually in reasonably good health apart from being so frail and tiny, but something about her, and the way she spoke, had left me with a strange feeling. I kissed her on the forehead, told I loved her, and that I would be back to see her on Wednesday.

This was Sunday night. This was the early hours of Tuesday morning, the 6th May 2014 ..... I continued with my writing. The phone rang again, this time at my bedside.

"I'm very sorry", the voice said "but your mother passed away about 30 minutes ago".

Emily is still waiting for me to complete my 'book'. I know my mother wants me to write it. She left me here for a reason - I have work to to. I have no children to pass that 'mission' on to - so the job is mine. My plan is to complete the book in 2018. I know that when I meet Emily in Ireland next month, it will become clear what it is that I need to say. I'm ready to write it now!

Angels are all around us - we meet who we meet for a reason.

The Event takes place in the Knocknarea Arena ITSligo April 21.22

Read more about Emily here http://bit.ly/2n7O569


Tickets http://bit.ly/2jzYJBg

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