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Posted on Sep 14, 2016

This has been an amazing week for discovery.

1) I discovered that it is possible to have people to do amazing things for you by simply being very honest about your problem and asking them to help you. Wednesday was a day that reminded me that 'anything is possible'.

2) I discovered that the fear that had 'stopped me' in much of my life has now completely disappeared. I was quite terrified at the prospect of being 'picked on' to speak in school, and this terror remained with me most of my life. This weekend, in a room of 800 people, I was handed a microphone and invited to make some comments about my business 'adventures', which I did, with complete freedom, ease and clarity. It is now such a joy to be able to contribute my voice in an arena that would have previously been totally inaccessible to me.

3) In a brief conversation, I discovered that I the reason I'm so 'weird' around money is that when my dad didn't give me the money that I wanted for something when I was a child, I decided he was 'mean and stingy' and that I would 'never' be 'mean and stingy' - I would be generous and not at all 'concerned' about money. This is not a good way to be in business, or life. Dad was never 'mean and stingy' - he was simply being responsible around money. I now, will be responsible around money. I also discovered that I am not really that generous, so I was responsible for giving some money away to a very worthy cause. I feel good now.

4) I discovered that you really can speak things into existence. Something I said two years ago with conviction, like 'this will happen', and then completely forgot about it, looks like it will truly happen, just like I said. Awesome.

5) I discovered that when you are 'in flow' with the universe, ie not resisting or arguing, simply being true to yourself, trusting and 'going with' - then everything flows!

What discoveries will you make for yourself this week?



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