The Search for Inspiration

Posted on May 26, 2016

We are all searching for inspiration. We are all searching for that ‘something’ that will give meaning to our lives. For some it is ‘that’ relationship, that perfect relationship that means we are lovable; for some it is ‘that’ great career, that perfect occupation where all our best talents are recognised and utilised, that means we are valuable; for others it is ‘that’ amount of money, that buys ‘those’ things that show we are successful in the world, that means we are worth something. ; for others it is our children, our wonderful children that we have given to the world, who will grow up to be successful and happy human beings and make this world a better place for all of us, meaning we are purposeful; for others it is those challenges we have surmounted, those ‘things sent to try us’ or those challenges we have set for ourselves, where our strength and determination and resilience has seen us through, meaning we are powerful; or those things temptations we have resisted or choices we have made, meaning we are free.

Each of these aspirations are truly inspiring. Why is it then that most of us are not walking around in life inspired, enlivened and lit up?

What is it about us that believes that inspiration must look a certain way, or it only exists in other people with other circumstances? What is it about us that we fear our life intrinsically has no meaning, and so we must search for it, and find it? Is it not up to each of us to give it meaning, for ourselves?

Who do you find inspiring? What are they doing with their lives? What seems to give their life meaning? Where do they find their inspiration?

Inspiration will always be ‘in’ ‘spirit’, the spirit within. We are inspired by people who put their spirit out into their lives. They are enlivened and lit up by who they are and what they are doing and what they are achieving. They are living inspired lives no matter what they are doing, and they are putting their heart and soul into their life, giving it their meaning. That is what inspires us. Perhaps it is their confidence, or their courage. One size does not fit all. We each have a unique opportunity to give meaning to our own lives. It is not about what we have or what we do, it’s the spirit in which we live. And we all know what this looks like; we recognise it immediately we see it and we know immediately when it is missing. It shines from the eyes. And we ‘see it’ in the eyes when the light has gone out.

Our search for inspiration need not take a lifetime. It takes a moment. We need not look any further than ourselves if we are truly looking for a source of inspiration. In fact, sometimes all we need is a good mirror.

Now that you know where it is, what will you do about it? Will you let your spirit free so others can be lit up and inspired by it (you!) or will you keep it hidden and silent, hoping someone will miraculously come looking for it …. someday… maybe…

“Send forth thy spirit and they shall be created…”


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