The confidence to succeed

Posted on Mar 21, 2016

There is much written about confidence and there is much written about success. We usually see them as inseparable. But are they?

Which would you value more – confidence or success?

Do you think you would be successful if you were confident or do you believe you would be confident if you were successful?

Is it a chicken or egg scenario?

Consider they are perhaps inseparable ie true confidence is inextricably linked with true success.

What is success? A good job? A nice house? Marriage and family? Money? Three holidays a year? A smart car? Are they really true reflections of success or simply societal measures of what our society values as success? Can you have all these material ‘trappings’ of success and not experience being successful? Of course. Because our success always seems to be measured against someone else’s success. We suffer from the disease of comparison and unless we measure equal or ‘above’ we will not experience being successful. Of course there are always people we can measure ourselves against such that we appear more successful but we need to keep watching them just in case ….

What about confidence? Could confidence be a measure of our success in that when we are truly confident, we do not compare ourselves to anyone. We are confident in our own skin, in or own house, in our own job, in our own car …. grateful and happy that we have one that suits our personality and not trapped in someone else’s version of success. Surely this is success. And it also stretches to confidence in our ability to achieve greater results if we so desire. We are confident in who we are, in what we can accomplish and in what we value in our lives.

The confidence to succeed in being the best version of ourselves, in trusting we are fulfilled and satisfied in the moment, wherever we are, with whatever we have, and open to the next opportunity, trusting it will provide everything we need, is by implication both confidence and success.

Where do we find this confidence?

It’s not where .. it’s when.

We find it when we look for it ….when we have desire or the courage to look for it … within ourselves … where is always is. Where else could it be? We simply thought we lost it somewhere and forgot to look where that might have been.

Yes, it’s still there, hiding, waiting for you to let it come out to play.

You are already successful. Now be confident in that.

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